Meet Rose – our award winning Corporate Affairs placement student

Early Careers posted on 6 Nov

Currently in her final year, Rose was recently awarded “Undergraduate Placement Student of the Year” at Oxford Brookes University recognising her experiences from her placement year within the Corporate Affairs team at Sky.

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More about me and why I chose a placement

I grew up in a little village in Gloucestershire in the heart of the countryside and therefore moving to London seemed rather daunting. Coupled with the fact I have only ever had temporary work during school also added to my nerves of starting at Sky. However my team and the other placement and graduate students were so welcoming it made the transition incredibly easy. I am studying Business Management at Oxford Brookes now in my final year and since being on my placement I have found I have enjoyed and understood my course a lot more as I am able to apply real life examples to the theory I am learning about. I wanted a placement as I knew it would provide me some real work experience alongside my degree and also help me to understand what sort of job I might want to apply for after I graduated.

Why Corporate Affairs appealed to me

Corporate Affairs appealed to me as it seemed to provide opportunities in lots of different, exciting areas that I had never thought of trying before. I knew I enjoyed working with lots of different people, planning projects, and being creative and therefore Corporate Affairs seemed to fit the bill. The Bigger Picture team particularly appealed to me as I had been learning about corporate social responsibility at University and found it was something I was really interested in and also passionate about.

How I found the year and what I enjoyed about it

I was lucky enough to be placed in the Bigger Picture team and found my year provided all of the above and so much more. Project managing a week long campaign, engaging supporters to take action to help protect the Amazon for Sky Rainforest Rescue with the help of Ben Fogle, to helping put on a live awards show to celebrate the amazing achievements of teachers and students as part of Sky Sports Living for Sport with special guests Jessica Ennis-Hill and David Beckham. Throughout my whole year there were many more exciting moments like these and what I found so great about Sky is they really care about your development and therefore provide you with such amazing opportunities such as these where you can be responsible and learn so much. Everyone tells you Sky is a fast paced environment but it’s not until you get there you realise how fast, but that’s what makes it such an interesting place to work  as not one single day is the same.

What surprised me

Whilst working at Sky there wasn’t one moment where I felt like I was treated like an intern or placement student I was always just as valued and respected as any other member in the team which is what I think makes Sky such a brilliant place to work.  When discussing with other placement students they are always amazed at the responsibility I was given. Taking a placement at Sky has set me up for my future more than I ever could have imagined.

Advice for current applicants

No one expects you to know everything (which is what I thought when I first started)… by asking lots of questions it will definitely help you develop and have a successful placement. Everyone at Sky has time to help and everyone is always asking questions so don’t be afraid to speak up.