Josh provides a snapshot of his time on the Responsible Business Summer Placement

Early Careers posted on 6 Jan

Seeing the bigger piucture at Sky is about the contribution we make to society, it's about how we're always thinking about doing the right thing day to day, and it's about making a positive difference in the communities in which we live and work.

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Name: Josh

Placement Programe: Responsible Business 2016 summer intake

University studied at, course and graduation:University of Exeter, BSc Geography with business management, 2016University of Surrey, MSc Sustainable Development, 2017

Describe your time at Sky in one word: Eye-opening

Where did you hear about the summer placement/what prompted you to apply? I found out about the scheme whilst researching corporate sustainability and the rainforest rescue project, amongst other things, which prompted me to apply.

What did you work on whilst on the Summer Placement at Sky? I worked on a range of projects. This included editing and helping shape the new corporate website, discovering the importance of modern slavery prevention in the supply chain, and working on an individual project promoting the use of alternative fuel vehicles on the Osterley campus.

What surprised you most about working at Sky? The social atmosphere of the office was a pleasant surprise. Everyone is friendly and interested to hear the contributions of employees from interns to management.

What would your 2 top tips be to future applicants?1. Ensure you are passionate about the business area you apply to2. Don’t be afraid to contribute, different perspectives are vital to the success of companies such as Sky