Senior Legal Counsel Richard offers his advice for everyone interested in a promotion

The people behind sky posted on 16 Feb

“Teach yourself to approach all work with positivity and as an opportunity.”

Sky Careers

Name:  Richard Homer

Job title:  Senior Legal Counsel

What area do you work in?  Technology and Enterprise Services

Previous Job title before promotion. Legal Counsel, Content and Commercial

How do you think you achieved your promotion? It’s important to understand the scope of responsibility in your current role and set clear objectives of where you can expand that scope to service the business more effectively and provide increased support to senior lawyers. Each piece of work is an opportunity to display skills, develop skills, and learn skills. Your performance should establish trust from those you work with.

What advice would you offer people challenging themselves to get a promotion? Teach yourself to approach all work with positivity and as an opportunity. And that means all: the good, the bad and the ugly. Reflect on every element of your performance in your current role: where are your strengths and weaknesses. Capitalise on the areas where you naturally excel, and get a grip of those areas that need attention. Self-improvement is a powerful tool. Reflect on each working day and be frank with yourself where things went well or less so.  Learn from your mistakes. Engage a mentor. Listen to all advice. Take only some of it. 

If you decided not to look externally, what was it about this team that’s encouraged you to stay here? It’s the high-quality legal work, the ambitious smart legal and commercial colleagues, and the flexible working environment that celebrates collaboration, hard graft and performance. And the food.