Paul Boyle, Director of HR Strategy, Insight & Planning celebrates 3 years with us

The people behind sky posted on 16 Feb

“Be open to opportunities where you perhaps wouldn't always look”

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Name: Paul Boyle

Role: Director of HR Strategy, Insight & Planning

This week marks my third year of working here and I can honestly say it's been an incredible experience. I joined as an HR Analytics Lead, which was a step back from my previous role in terms of seniority. In my previous company, I was in charge of a team, it was going well and I was very comfortable there. However, when this opportunity presented itself something about it really appealed to me. The role was smaller in scope, had no team responsibility and HR was not an area I had worked in before, but this gave an opportunity to broaden my experience in a completely new area of Insight. My friends and family were a great source of support and advice at this time. They could tell I was really enthusiastic about the job and would support me in whatever I chose to do, which was so important to me and with that everything just felt right.

When I started my new role it felt like starting all over again. My first few months were challenging and I started to doubt if I had made the right decision. I wasn’t sure why the things I had done in previous companies weren't landing. I thought about it for a while and wondered if I had made a mistake and contemplated what to do. I decided to reach out to my stakeholders and rather than jump straight to end delivery, focus on making sure I completely understood them as people, the areas they represented and that the solutions we were designing met their needs. Those sessions were invaluable and I'm really glad I reached out rather than just pressing on with those doubts in my mind.

The chance to apply for the Head of Insight role came up after I had been here for around six months. Even though it felt early in my time here, I felt like I would’ve regretted it if I didn't put myself forward, and it was similar to the role I was doing before joining. I believed in myself and I felt like I had a real understanding of what my stakeholders needed from the role, from the time I had spent with them. I sought advice from numerous people before going for the job, and the perspective that other people can bring I always find hugely important.

I’m now responsible for the HR Strategy, Insight and Planning function, and really excited about what the future might bring, primarily down to working in the type of company we are and the opportunities provided. My advice to anyone at a bit of a crossroads in their career is to be open to opportunities that exist where you perhaps wouldn't always look, to use your support networks to talk through where you want to go with your career and to back yourself to succeed at what you choose to do.