NOW TV’s Retail and Partnerships Marketing Controller David, shares with us his day-to-day

The people behind sky posted on 14 Mar

“I’m able to choose where to work based on what would suit me and the team best, whether that’s from a lifestyle or work perspective”

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Name: David Turner

Job title: Retail and Partnerships Marketing Controller

What area of NOW TV do you work in/do you manage a team, if so what one? I lead the retail and partnerships marketing team which is part of marketing and planning group.

What do you love most about your role? I get a lot of autonomy in my role and can express my creativity and expertise in retail.

What’s the best thing about working at NOW TV? The people! Everyone I work with is great at their job so when you’re working with someone on a project you know it’s going to be a success!

Give us a short play-by-play of what your day looks like, from waking up to heading home: I get up, drink coffee, get the train to work, and on my way in I listen to loads of audio books usually fiction and business. First thing I do when I get here is plan my day. Then the rest is a whirlwind of working with lots of different people across a variety of teams, reviewing and approving creative and planning all the great things we’ll be doing 2 quarters time!

Your favourite moment at working at NOW TV to date? Launching the NOW TV cards as they came out of the retail team and opened-up a whole new way of selling our products to our customers. This allowed us to start selling our products as part of the video game console bundles, which opened up a channel to which you wouldn’t have before.

What’s your favourite NOW TV benefit and why? Getting access to Sky Q/NOW TV and being part of a larger corporate group which gives me access to great benefits and onsite facilities.  For instance being able to go for team breakfast at one on the onsite restaurants without it costing a fortune.

What’s your secret talent? I can do Wing Chun Kung Fu!

Do you work flexibly – if so, tell us about it…I’m able to choose where to work based on what would suit me and the team best, whether that’s from a lifestyle or work perspective. If I need some quiet time to get my head down, I can work from home or one of the quiet booths around the campus. Or if I need to leave early to get to training that’s fine, or again could work from home. Here, you’re 100% trusted to manage your time and workload.