Marvin talks about his amazing journey from Sales Specialist to his own TV show

The people behind sky posted on 16 Mar

"My curiosity landed me my own TV show"

Sky Careers

Name: Marvin Ambrosius

I joined the company back in 2007 working as a sales specialist in Athena’s test & learn contact centre.  I spent my days on the phone to new and existing customers understanding their wants & needs. My managers recognised that I wanted to progress and I quickly started covering management roles, moving laterally between teams, learning more about the business and the areas I'd like to work in. In 2010 I moved into a more challenging role handling escalated customer complaints. What I didn’t know it at the time is that the communication and interpersonal skills I learnt in this role would help me significantly in the future. 

During this time my activity levels dropped and I became unhappy with my weight gain, so I started going to the Sky Gym for 40 minutes a day, 5 days a week for Insanity classes. I lost four stone and had never felt better.  My passion for exercise made me curious, wondering what it would take to build a career in fitness.   became more and more interested in the work my gym instructors did and would always speak to them, asking questions about what they did and what it takes to do their job.

After some research, I realised I already had some of the key skills needed to start a career as a gym instructor. I reached out to the Sky Gym manager, who after a few conversations, offered me a one month trial instructing my own Insanity class.  This gave me the opportunity to use the interpersonal and communication skills I built in the contact centre and before I knew it one class a week turned to three and my career change was complete!

I started studying for my level 2 and level 3 qualifications, hoping to become a PT in the future.  This was challenging and involved studying every weekend, alongside working full-time for five months.  Coincidentally at this time, Sky started building their own Health & Fitness Centre and would need personal trainers and gym instructors.  I had studied relevant qualifications, I’d built relevant skills, and so I contacted my future manager and was successful when I applied for the role.