How can you develop a career in Technology? Head of Access Network Development David lends his advice.

The people behind sky posted on 28 Apr

“It’s enjoyable to be part of a great team and seeing our contribution feeding up into the directorate and our stakeholders”

Sky Careers

Name:  David Cohen

Job title: Head of Access Network Development

What area of Sky do you work in?  Technology UK, Engineering directorate

How did you get to where you are now?  I joined here in April 2006 as an Access Network Development Engineer. At the time, we had acquired Easynet (with its approx. 10,000 BB customers) about 6 months previously. I’ve been fortunate to be here as we grew to our base of 6 million broadband customers today! During that time, I’ve been involved in the backhaul design, development of test and diagnostics platforms for our broadband and fibre networks. I also became a team leader and now head up the team.

Describe a typical day…  A typical day consists of a lot of emails and a lot of meetings, management reports, chatting to my team leaders and the engineers themselves.

What do you specialise in and work with on a daily basis? My main specialty area within Access Network Development is diagnostics and assurance. Being a Head, I need to be across all areas within the team scope. I have very strong team leaders and the team are excellent so mostly they run themselves allowing me to focus on medium and long term planning.

Describe your work/life balance at Sky? I focus my effort on trying to clear my workload daily, delegating or dealing as things come. This allows me to leave work “at work” for the most part. My role is not operational, so I very rarely get contacted after hours or on weekends.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? Being part of a great team and seeing our team’s contribution feeding up into our directorate and our stakeholders.

What would be your advice to someone who’d want to do what you’re doing? Find a subject area in your team that you can become expert in. Regularly map out your short term (6 months) and long term (1-3 year) goals. Re-assess these if work changes focus. Then work with your line manager to align your project work with these goals wherever possible.