Craig talks career progression and what he loves about coming into the work at our Livingston Contact Centre each day.

The people behind sky posted on 11 Apr

“Career development is your responsibility; if you have the drive and passion to progress then this is the business to be in”

Sky Careers

Name: Craig Smith    

Job title: Customer Experience Leader

What area of Sky do you work in and what do you do on a daily basis? I work in our Livingston Contact Centre focusing on Sky TV. On a daily basis I support a team of Advisors to deliver excellent experience for our customers. Part of this is resolving customer queries that my Advisors are having difficulty with. I also ensure my team are on track with enhancing our customers’ packages and positioning the right products where possible.  

How did you get into your role? I joined as an Advisor and have been able to progress through taking ownership of my own development. I created a development plan of where I wanted to go and the steps I needed to take to get there. With the help and support of colleagues and taking advantage of opportunities, I’ve been able to build up relevant skills and succeeded in progressing.

How have you made a difference in your role / what’s been your proudest moment working here? There isn’t one stand out difference I’ve made in my role, however, I’m able to come to work every day and support our Advisors to achieve what they thought wasn’t achievable. When the penny drops and people realise they can achieve anything they want, if they put steps in place to achieve it, there isn’t a better feeling. My proudest so far would be securing my current role because it’s been 18 months hard work!

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? The people and the benefits. This is an excellent company to work for, they put us first. There are always incentives, games, team challenges, themes, dressing up going on to engage and motivate us - you name it, it’s going on. I actually have fun at work which is something I never thought I‘d say. There are also external benefits for my family such as health care, discount vouchers and emergency childcare.

Describe your contact centre - what makes it a great place to work? The people are amazing. I commute 40 minutes each way to Livingston and wouldn’t change location because of the team. We’re so resilient and open to change, when the business throws any changes our way we pull together and always achieve great things.

Have you had the opportunity to progress in your role? What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career? Career development is your responsibility; if you have the drive and passion to progress then this is the business to be in. There are so many opportunities in various departments, sites and even countries and the possibilities are endless.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I have a degree in Sports Science and narrowly missed out on Bio Mechanist Apprentice with the Liverpool first team.